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Oxygen Multistep Therapy (EWOT)

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EWOT is a treatment and therapy designed to improve health through the use of increased oxygenation along with aerobic exercise.  


With the standard version of EWOT treatment, a person is connected to a large reservoir of concentrated oxygen and made to perform aerobic exercise while taking in nutrients and vitamins that improve oxygen utilization. The goal of EWOT is to increase patient heart rate while breathing in large amounts of oxygen to improve the cellular oxygen utilization in their tissues. The person will receive five times or more the amount of oxygen as they normally would while exercising, creating a strong anti-inflammatory and anti-acidic effect within the body and improving their cellular metabolic energy state. Because EWOT combines oxygenation along with exercise, the person will also benefit from improved the cardiovascular fitness, (increased strength, stamina, agility, cardiac output, joint and muscle strength, stamina and endurance etc...) received from aerobic exercise.

Our version of EWOT is the latest most advanced level of EWOT designed with a high flow mask where + 50 liters per minute can be administered to the patient by the system along with an altitude contrast system which can provide the benefits of altitude contrast training mimicking the effect of high altitude training (hypoxic training).

Health Benefits of Oxygen Multistep Therapy (EWOT)

  1. Decrease in systemic inflammation.
  2. Increase in energy.
  3. Increased circulation especially to the legs and feet for diabetics.
  4. Boosting the immune system.
  5. De-acidifying the body and improving alkalinity.
  6. Anti-aging effects on the body by improving the function of cellular enzymes and cell metabolism.
  7. Protect the body from cancer and also as an adjuvant treatment to cancer, helping to decrease the toxic effects of chemo and radiation and increase the body's energy.
  8. Improve weight loss and help the body to burn fat.

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