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Top 10 Reasons to See A Chiropractor

By Dr. Edwin Chun | Chiropractor, Lifestyle Nutritionist

woman neck pain

(from a patient’s own words)

10. Crick in the Neck – "I slept on my friends sofa and woke up the next day with a crick in my neck, now it hurts to turn my neck!" Also common when traveling or sleeping on a different bed.

9. Shooting leg pain – "I am getting a numbness and a constant pain on my hip and rear end. It also travels into the leg."

8. Back imbalance – "My back has been feeling off and imbalanced and I notice this when I walk or stand."

7. Muscle spasms – "I feel like I have these tight balls in my back that hurt."

6. Arm and hand numbness and pain – "I get pain and/or numbness in my arms and hands after being on the computer for awhile."

5. Medical Rejection – "I saw my primary doctor and he wanted to give me medicine for this pain, but did not really do anything for me."

4. Alternative Medicine – "I have this diagnosis that I have been living with and want to get better naturally and to the best of my ability."

3. Aching stiff joints – "I am getting older and have been noticing a lot of pain in my joints."

2. Accidents – "I got into a car accident! I got hurt at work! I got hurt playing sports!"

1. Better Health– "I like getting my neck and back adjusted because it feels better afterward!"

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