Healthways Medical Group is now Chun Chiropractic Clinic Healthways Medical Group is now Chun Chiropractic Clinic

Patient Testimonials

Incredible experience at Chun Chiropractic Clinic!


I felt the benefits immediately

"My experience with the Ganoderma Spore Capsules has been positive and I felt the benefits immediately. I have increased levels in my energy and my mood. The quality of my sleep has improved, and I have noticed decreased stiffness in my joints (hips & knees)."

- Denise B.


A sudden rise in energy level

"I was skeptical that the Ganoderma Spore Capsules would have an immediate effect, but I was wrong. The first effect I noticed was clear nasal breathing which I hadn't had since 2003 when I had sinus surgery. The second effect was to my G.I. tract. I was having more regular bowel movements and more regular consistency. I also discovered a sudden rise in energy level."

- Richard S.


I have more energy throughout the day

"Been taking the Ganoderma Spore capsules for about a week now and I have noticed I have more energy throughout the day. My mom has been taking them as well and she has noticed improvement in her overall health. She feels more relaxed and with more energy. Totally recommend it!"

- Cynthia C.


I feel so much better

"I have been coming to Healthways Medical for about 2 years. I originally came for a back/neck injury and they have helped me immensely. Then I started on their vitamin/herb products and just recently started taking their Ganoderma Spore and Resveratrol capsules. First thing I noticed was my energy was up and I didn't get as tired as fast as I used to. Second thing I noticed was my sugar levels were lower as I'm a diabetic. At my doctor visit yesterday my A1C was down to 5.1 (6 months ago it was 5.7). I feel so much better since I started the capsules."

- Sherry C.


I am now well and without pain.

"I highly recommend Healthways Medical Group for pain treatment and physical therapy. I came here because of a painful sciatic nerve problem. Through therapy and injection treatments, I am now well and without pain."

- Carlos H.


Fun, interesting, and effective treatments


"Friendly and knowledgeable staff, that have you feeling great in no time! Try their package deals for fun, interesting, and effective treatments."

- Jason A.


I thank God for putting this place in my life

RCtestimonialsq"First of all, I would like to mention that I am very pleased and happy with Healthways. I was recommended to this place by a friend, Martha Gutierrez and the truth is that I wasn’t thinking about going and experimenting with a new place for the fact that I had been assisting other physical therapy locations and I wasn’t noticing good results. Previously, I had been doing physical therapy for various years in other locations. I would only receive medicine for pain or for inflammation relief for my rheumatoid arthritis, stress, depression, etc. I was the same, I was seeing no changes. One day, I decided to attend Healthways and try something different of which today I give my testimony on. I have loved going there, I have felt a lot better and it is something very different from what I have tried before. The difference was in the machines for the physical therapy, the natural medicine that does not damage my organs. In the contrary, they have helped improve my nervous system, my stress levels and my arthritis. I thank God for putting this place in my life. For the doctors, the staff who are excellent. They treat you as if your family and I recommend them for the reason that I have had great results and I will continue to go as long as I can. Thank you Healthways!"

- Rosalia C.


The laser treatment was awesome!

"The laser treatment was awesome! I felt no pain when the laser was being used on me. While it was on, I could feel the effects deep in my muscles and joints. It felt so good, I wanted to take it home with me!"

- D.E.


I am proof that these treatment combinations are amazing.

"I want to express my opinion on my care. I came in to the doctors office on June 14, 2014, one month ago lots of pain on my lower back, and had a hard time walking, sitting laying down. On a scale of 1-10 I had a 20 with therapy 3 times a week. Hot packs, traction, massage, and great chiropractic care I am proof that these treatment combinations are amazing. I want to thank all the staff at Healthways for the wonderful care."

Margaret G.


Plenty of parking!
Plenty of parking!
Plenty of parking!

Plenty of parking!
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